Help Our Suffering Veterans!

If you know a veteran having challenges with civilian life, or having a rough time, have them check out the Heroes to Heroes Foundation. They provide a spiritual healing and peer support program for combat Veterans. They help bring back Faith through their journeys to the Holyland. Over 150 Veterans have already gone. Great results.Continue reading “Help Our Suffering Veterans!”

Before & After…..

Our wise mentor told us, “Add value!” So, we listened and made some visible changes to the outside of this property first by scraping, cleaning, pressure washing and painting the outside areas that of this property. The result (combined with interior improvements) was an increase of value by the appraisal of over $40k!!! Always addContinue reading “Before & After…..”

Earth Day (April 22nd) & Your Neighborhood

We celebrate many holidays with vigor and passion, so why don’t we treat Earth Day the same? Ok, I admit that Earth Day may not be sexy because of it’s relationship with your mother (“Mother Earth”) and not all of us can achieve the standards of certified environmental stewardship on a daily basis. Nonetheless, thisContinue reading “Earth Day (April 22nd) & Your Neighborhood”

Lexington ranked #21 in “Best Places To Live”

Sorry Louisville #61 and Cincinnati #49 but Lexington is ranked #21 according to U.S. News & World Report. So, how did they come up with a number like that and why do they look like this past basketball season’s rankings?!? Lexington was found to be a top place to live for several reasons to includeContinue reading “Lexington ranked #21 in “Best Places To Live””

First-Time Homebuyer Program

Rome wasn’t built in a day; therefore, start building towards your future Roman palace by taking advantage of Lexington’s First Time Homebuyer Program. Through REACH and Lexington Habitat for Humanity, the Urban County Government provides non-repayable mortgage subsidies and 0–2% loans to lower to moderate income first-time homebuyers. If you are interested in homeownership, pleaseContinue reading “First-Time Homebuyer Program”

Fall Bluegrass Beauty 2017

  Home is not where you live, but where people understand you. Central KY native Lee Lamont was born in Lexington, KY and embodies the spirit of the Bluegrass by helping others through future volunteering efforts at the Hope Center and her church. She likes to help people in need in order for them to getContinue reading “Fall Bluegrass Beauty 2017”

Invest in Land or Maybe Not?!?

Appreciation of land is based on speculation; therefore, where do you look to fill your own intuitive drive on this investment? You could invest in raw land that you think is in the path of growth; however, that may be a long time to wait for profit since central KY appears somewhat resistant to urban sprawl. InContinue reading “Invest in Land or Maybe Not?!?”