What Is The Value Of My Home?

You can ask us to find your home value or use several other ways like

Get a “CMA” or Comparative Market Analysis

This will provide an evaluation of the home and market to give you an estimate of value.

Federal Housing Financing Agency’s (FHFA) House Price Index Calculator (HPI)

That was a lot words! This is the government’s geek approach to see how much your house has appreciated over time.

Hire a professional appraiser

You may not want to spend the money; however, this professional provides the most accurate evaluation and often required in purchasing, selling & the loan process.

Lastly, contact us!

We will provide you the value of your home and additional reasons for why we came up with that numbers so you can move forward with your real estate desires!

Published by Agent Mulder

Our team provides property information for investors and future real estate owners to increase personal wealth, create noteworthy, tangible and measurable improvements to the Bluegrass community through rehabilitation & property improvement.

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