Love Crawl # 1

Regardless of whether or not you are new in town looking for a home or just needing something new to do, everyone should eat, drink and be thankful….but do it with that special person or small group of friends. That is what the Bluegrass Beauty Love Crawl® is all about.

Here is how it works; instead if crashing out at one place for dinner, getting sleepy and calling it the night, visit 3 difference local restaurants within walking distance at your own pace. Once you’ve arrived at each location, sample and share an appetizer and/or beverage of choice with your friends. If they have a special or menu item you just can’t pass on, simply request the meal be spilt and shared with something else who is interested.

We recommend having up to 6 but no more than 8. You may have to order from the bar; however, the hosts at one location was very receptive and sat us without a reservation when we explained we were just there for appetizers & cocktails. Keep in mind that you will contribute to your health by getting some “steps” in during your walk to and from different restaurants.

My Love Crawl #1 began and ended on Jefferson Street with the first course starting at the Blue Heron, then Nick Ryan’s, a shopping break at the Wine+Market store & ending at the Grey Goose. Total time spent was about 2.5-3hrs (because we took our time). Good luck with your Love Crawl and please provide feedback!

Published by Agent Mulder

Our team provides property information for investors and future real estate owners to increase personal wealth, create noteworthy, tangible and measurable improvements to the Bluegrass community through rehabilitation & property improvement.

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