Earth Day (April 22nd) & Your Neighborhood

We celebrate many holidays with vigor and passion, so why don’t we treat Earth Day the same? Ok, I admit that Earth Day may not be sexy because of it’s relationship with your mother (“Mother Earth”) and not all of us can achieve the standards of certified environmental stewardship on a daily basis.

Nonetheless, this years Earth Day Campaign focuses on plastic pollution. How can we make Mother Earth proud of us? One option could be to prepare a special Earth Day meal that contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives like azodicarbonamide (ADA) which is used as a sandwich dough conditioner and found in your favorite hot yoga mat according to Mario Anzuoni (Reuters, 2014).

Another option would be to plant a tree with your loved ones…especially your youngest so they can see life in action. Obviously, not a fast return on your investment, but a memory that will last for generations.

Lastly, we should consider celebrating Earth Day by simply going on a good long walk in our neighborhoods and picking up all plastic water bottles too include trash. Not only will you increase the value of your neighborhood, but also feel good inside knowing you did your part!

Published by Agent Mulder

Our team provides property information for investors and future real estate owners to increase personal wealth, create noteworthy, tangible and measurable improvements to the Bluegrass community through rehabilitation & property improvement.

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