What’s the Bright Idea?


The CNET Light bulb buying guide at https://www.cnet.com/news/light-bulb-buying-guide/ gives great information on lighting options to buy; however, we should take note on what effect lighting exposure has on our homes and physical well being. From what I have experienced, older lighting with ultra-violet (UV) radiation turned my white trim and fixtures light yellow in my rooms that received no natural light. Most everyone knows lighting disrupts sleep patterns; therefore, always sleep in the dark and wean your kids off night lights asap!

Nonetheless, during a recent remodel, a smart electrician pointed out numerous instances of fading in my fixtures and trim and recommended I change to “clean light” or LEDs in all my can lights. I instantly saw the difference in brightness but was most amazed by the change in colors the room now displayed due to the new LED lights. For example on a remodeled room, the old lighting made my new gray carpet look brown which didn’t match the color scheme I was looking for. After installing the LED lights, the brown carpet magically turned gray again!

In other rooms with natural light, I already knew this would fade my furniture over time, so I installed 3M glare-reducing static cling film to reduce future fading. My first set of furniture had faded in a period of about 4-5 years. However, my second set of replacement furniture has not faded in over the past 5 years (even though it’s not Halloween, I’ll keep my fingers crossed!) Good luck with your lighting and always continually strive for new bright ideas!

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