Home Maintenance Dairies Part II (Furnace)

And now before the first Farmer’s Almanac predicted freeze, I present the furnace. The furnace is a work of art if it is working properly but a pain in the butt if it is not operating at it’s peak. Unfortunately, several things will reduce it’s efficiency, but there are things you can do to help your furnace do what it is suppose to do…and that is keep you warm during the winter season and cool in the summer time. Here are some common problems that can affect your heating and cooling system.
1. You need to change your filters about every 3 to 6 months depending on how dusty your home is (more often than 6 months) because if the filters are dirty this reduces the air flow then the furnace will run longer there by using more natural gas or electricity if it is a heat pump or straight electric heater and during the summer the reduced airflow will cause the cooling system to run almost non-stop and increase your electric bill.
2. If you do not know how to clean the blower assembly then I suggest calling a reputable heating/air conditioning company and have them do this. Call around and get a few prices.
3. The thermostat is the master control. Do not rough-handle this unit, if you have a Honeywell T87F type thermostat, then the mercury bulb can get out of calibration very easily. This can happen if you remove the thermostat from the wall, change the heat anticipator setting, remount the stat and not level it or mount it where there is a draft behind the thermostat.
4. The worst thing you can do in the summer time is cause the A/C unit to turn off then right back on. When the unit is turned off and right back on, you use a great deal of electricity because the compressor is trying to start under a load. It’s hard on the compressor motor which shortens the life of the compressor (just the compressor alone cost upwards of $500.00 alone, labor & material not included).
5. Keep the condensing unit (unit on the outside) coil clean, do not block/restrict the air flow.

Overall, these are but a few things that you as a home owner/landlord and or tenant can do to help the refrigerator, furnace, A/C system give you better service year round. If there are still till unanswered questions, call a service technician for whichever unit is giving you problems.

Disclaimer: I am not guaranteeing what I have said here will fix your problem, prevent, cure, or apply to your situation, to construe, to replace or be an authority in anyway on anything mentioned! Good luck, stay cool and always be warm at heart!

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