Trees, Trees, Trees!

We planted 23 trees today with Trees Lexington for an early Memorial Day remembrance for everyone who has died serving in the American armed forces & those buried in on 7th Str at the African Cemetery #2 in Lexington, KY.

This cemetery is home to the most prolific African American jockeys, Ky Derby winners & early prominent African American families in Lexington, KY.

I heard that since the 1980’s, China requires families to plant 3 trees for every child that is born. If that is true, then should have been at least 3 billion trees planted!?!

Trees are great for just about everything; however, proper placement of the right tree in the right location can improve a property or set the residence up for ankle biting money draining issues. Issues you can expect are roots clogging the drains, leaves clogging the gutters & termites building an empire in your wood rich areas. Nature will take its course but you can take control as mentioned above, putting up leaf guards, removing the trees close to your house, having your property checked for termites and spraying.

Light my fire!

Backyard lighting ideas can be anything from torches, simple candle holders or light bulbs strung from tree to tree across your yard. If done correctly, it can add a touch of grandeur to a boring yard or deck. The style of lighting you pick will largely depend on what you have to work with, the size of your outdoor space and whether or not you’ll have access to power. Good luck & in the harmonic words of Jim Morrison, “come on baby light my fire!”